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Belated happy birthday Taaaay! @dyeytwelve
Eu man nangad dae ako
nakapost palan digdi sa fb. LOL. Masyado ka kayang matampuhin! HAHAHA. Ako palan. You’re so bad kasi tsk tsk. haha. Anyways, thanks so much for being a good friend. Salamat for being there for me. Salamat din sa lahat ng efforts para maprove
that you’re a true friend indeed.
And lastly, thanks for staying sa life kows. HAHA. Dramabells, pero true. Maraming friends nang-iwan pero ikaw anjan pa rin lagi for me.

I hope you had a blast on your
birthday! Wish you all the best
things in life! Me loves yahhhhh!

Photo cto.

Makamiss man this audi pips. XD <3

Birthday cakes. :) Thank youuu!

Yes it is. #Love




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Uhh. I miss you Honesty! <3 #throwbackThursday #tbt #throwback #memories #love #best #friends #highschool

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